What Do We Do?

We try very hard to correct grammar, remove tautologies, fix problematic sentences as well as sharpen your vocabulary. We ensure clarity, concise and spelling errors –free documents. Our services are for students, authors, business and governments or any person who needs a flawless written work

How Does It Work?
  • Go to www.deprs.com
  • Submit Document
  • Choose Editing Criteria
  • Select Delivery Options
  • Select a payment option and pay

Quality Assurance
  • Academic editor performs comprehensive edit and first round of checks
  • Quality assurance team performs quality check including technical edit
  • Head Editor and Quality Assurance Manager performs final check to approve document

What Delivery Options Are Available?
  • Standard Delivery (40 working days)
  • Regular Delivery (21 working days)
  • Express Delivery (14 working days)
  • Accelerated Delivery (7 working days)