Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Editors and Proof-readers

Editors and Proof-readers must

  • have a minimum of MSc in relevant subject area
  • be fluent in all types of academic style guides
  • have published articles in renowned journals.
  • keep all client information strictly confidential and retains such information solely for the purposes of carrying out academic editing.
  • be committed to rigorous DEPRS quality assurance standards.
  • openly declare potential conflicts of interest, and undertake work only where conflicts of interest will not threaten the integrity of the work.
  • must never contact the client directly.
  • must deliver completed work within stipulated deadline to get paid.
Terms and Conditions for Clients
The client has full responsibility for:
  • making full payment before editing commences
  • originality of all material provided
  • ensuring that their work is plagiarism free before submission.
  • accuracy of the work, results, etc.
  • providing stipulated format for the report.
  • providing a functional email address to receive communication and completed work.
  • providing acceptance of work done within 7days. After 7 days no requests for further correction will be entertained.
Your documents will be delected from our respository after 60 days.